Yoga teacher training course

The training course is based on the study of the traditional Hatha Yoga method. The course is internationally recognized. It consists of 200 frontal hours, in accordance with the guidelines of the ACSI (affiliated CONI) and of the American Yoga Alliance (R.Y.T. 300h) The training program is aimed at Hatha Yoga practitioners who wish to accurately deepen their skills and knowledge of the Indian discipline, expand their knowledge and practices and / or teach traditional yoga.The training is based on the development and stabilization of the practice of yoga, so that it becomes personal and coherent. For this purpose, the student will be guided in understanding the correct orientation of the body and the activation of its parts according to an accurate and specific methodology. This will make possible for the practitioner to understand the imprescindible elements of the postures and therefore foresee which variants to insert in the event of limitations, etc. Fundamental to the understanding and responsible and motivated mediation of yoga is the knowledge of its various aspects and the combination of these with one’s own experience. The objective is therefore to give space to a yogic development, whether one wishes to use it as a personal or professional development. The number of participants is limited to 18 people to allow intensive individual assistance and ensure optimal learning.

Duration of training
The training lasts about 13 months (including the exam) and takes place on weekends – Saturday and Sunday. Furthermore, an intensive week will take place during this period. A total of 300 contact hours are foreseen, namely active lessons and around 200 contactless hours dedicated to self-learning of assigned texts and books, practice assignments, participation in 50-100 hours of regular practice in quality yoga classes. student, 10 hours of teaching assistance.